On the Roll.

First Hundred Years.

Not so long ago, women were kept out of law firms and chambers because – they were told – there were no toilets available for them. But thanks to the tireless work of women’s rights campaigners, this madness is a thing of the past, and women can now practice and pee freely in legal institutions across the UK. And these heroines should not be forgotten.

A story as unusual as this needed to be told in an unusual way, so we decided to print it onto loo rolls, smuggle ‘em into toilets at prestigious law firms, and drive some traffic to the First 100 Years website – a digital museum celebrating those who’ve advanced the case of women in the legal profession.

The campaign spread quickly across social media and the rolls are on display all across the country in places like The People’s History Museum, Gray’s Inn Library, and Glasgow Women’s library. Sadiq Khan and Annie Lennox even signed some of them as a show of endorsement for the campaign.
Oh, and it was a display feature in the Museum of London in 2017.

Amazing what a mere £557 can get you.

Read more here: Museum of London – Parliament ArchiveOnline video

Agency: Freelance
What we did: Creative + design
Special thanks to: Dana Denis-Smith | Founder & CEO | First Hundred Years