Western Union

Global Creative

What started out as a brief on a single social post ballooned into creative directorship over the whole Western Union global account. The coolest thing about CDing Western Union is that you just never know what’s coming next. One minute you’re art directing a designer in Casablanca, next minute you’re writing a radio script for Wasim Akram. Every brief was a joy to work on, and our relationships with the clients and their partners will live on.

We most recently rejuvenated the entire brand with a new and improved look, feel and TOV. But it wasn’t long ago we did a full-on London takeover.

Working with WU’s partners across the globe gave us the chance to hone our CDing skills cross culturally and remotely. The amount of work we were churning out every week was astounding.





Agency: BBH
What we did: Creative Direction, Copy + Art direction, Design
Special thanks to: Special thanks to Ewan Paterson and the brilliant WU team at BBH, everyone at Bar Bar Shop, and the wonderful clients we’ve made lasting relationships with from Denver to Dubai – Muriel Lotto, Michael Abbott, Meher Mumtaz, Kylee Evans.