Change Please Coffee

Big Issue

70 million (that’s right) cups of coffee are consumed in the UK every day. That’s a lot of money going to big name brands, making some really rich guys even richer. But what if your morning coffee had the power to change lives? Turns out London’s homeless don’t want a handout. They want change, please. With the support of The Big Issue, we empowered vendors with the skills, equipment and speciality beans to become fully-fledged baristas. So they could serve good coffee that does good too.

The brand’s become such a success you can now purchase the coffee in supermarkets across the UK.
Winner of a Cannes Sliver PR Lion, D&AD Wooden White Pencil, Bronze ANDY Award and EACA Care Award Grand Prix.

Agency: FCBInferno
What we did: Creative + design
Special thanks to: Chris Baker | Strategy Director | FCBInferno