Western Union Business Solutions

Global Creative

It amazes us how few creatives see the potential creativity you can get out of a B2B client. Every business in the world with any sort of international money transfer need should use Western Union Business Solutions – it’s the largest and most diverse payment network in the world. That’s why they’re Always On.

(Always On being the brand idea we gave them to anchor all comms going into the future).
The budgets weren’t always huge, and the briefs weren’t always sexy. But thanks to an outstanding client relationship, every brief felt fresh and exciting.











Agency: BBH
What we did: Copy + Art direction, Creative Direction
Special thanks to:Special thanks to the brilliant WUBS team at BBH including Oscar Merry, Andy Symons and Daryl Corps, Tadas Preisegolavicius, and the great team of clients from around the world – Andrea Carey, Bjorn Leigvold, Nicole Zimmermann, Mark Lardner and Liz Devlin