Basically a whole agency.

That’s us.
Adrien – the more French of the two. The artier one. More hair, more flair, more debonair (did we mention the French?). So much more than just a creative director – but an art director, a designer, a Netlfix star (seriously) and a killer guitarist to boot.

And Grant, the South African Italian (there can’t be many). A creative director, a copywriter, a strategist, and a vegan. Loves the beach, loves to run and loves to work. Has taught capoeira, yoga and played guitar professionally but none of this abject manliness has stopped him from going bald.

We met in 2011 at Ogilvy, and have played at a lot of big agencies since like Saatchi, FCB and most recently, BBH.
We’ve had good briefs and not-so-good briefs, had a ton of fun and won some Cannes and D&ADs along the way.

Now we want to take all that skill and experience and offer it straight to you.